We are so proud of all of our children. A great start to the new term, such enthusiasm and love for our school. Thank you for making such a positive start to the Autumn term.

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School rabbits arrive!

Our two school rabbits have arrived and caused great excitement across the school! They are Rex Bleu rabbits and are 12 weeks old.

Mrs Toft is looking after them with the children in the EYFS. However all children will get a chance to look after them and learn how to handle and look after a rabbit.


Once our rabbits have names (the children will be holding a vote!) and they have settled in to school life we will be asking families if they would like to look after the rabbits over the school holidays. If you are interested in this, then please pop in and speak to Miss Taberner or Mrs Toft.


Rabbit request!

If anyone has a run they no longer need then we can certainly make use of this. We also need some sawdust too please!