We have several tour dates to see our lovely school, Wednesday 27th March, Wednesday 24th April, Wednesday 22nd May and Wednesday 26th June all tours are at 2.45pm. Please contact the school office to book on.

Walton On Trent C of E Primary and Nursery School

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Take Care Rules

Our Take Care Rules


Only have as many rules as you can hold in one hand!


The children at Walton on Trent (CE) C Primary and Nursery School are polite, kind, helpful and hardworking. We think you are incredible!


We take responsibility for each other, our school and our learning. We have just 5 Take Care Rules so as we can remember them easily and they are all based on respecting each other and our world.


These are:


Take Care of Ourselves – be on time, look smart, look after our mind and body, be ready to learn


Take Care of Each Other - be kind, helpful and polite to other children and adults


Take Care of Our Learning – be committed to our learning, work hard, keep trying to improve


Take Care of Our School, Community and Our World – be responsible, keep the school tidy, pick up litter, have an open mind to new ideas and peoples beliefs and cultures


Take Care for the Future – Make the most of our learning every day so that we are ready for tomorrow, reduce, re-use and recycle!