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Take Care Rules

Our Take Care Rules


Only have as many rules as you can hold in one hand!


The children at Walton on Trent (CE) C Primary and Nursery School are polite, kind, helpful and hardworking. We think you are incredible!


We take responsibility for each other, our school and our learning. We have just 5 Take Care Rules so as we can remember them easily and they are all based on respecting each other and our world.


These are:


Take Care of Ourselves – be on time, look smart, look after our mind and body, be ready to learn


Take Care of Each Other - be kind, helpful and polite to other children and adults


Take Care of Our Learning – be committed to our learning, work hard, keep trying to improve


Take Care of Our School, Community and Our World – be responsible, keep the school tidy, pick up litter, have an open mind to new ideas and peoples beliefs and cultures


Take Care for the Future – Make the most of our learning every day so that we are ready for tomorrow, reduce, re-use and recycle!