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Derby School Linking Project

It was great for the Year 4 and 5 class to get to meet their link class at Pride Park. Lots of activities took place around team work and getting to know each other. They even got a tour of the Stadium too! Now time to get lots of linking work completed back at school...

International School Award 

We are pleased to announce we have been awarded the foundation level of the International School Award. Thank you for your hard work Mrs Freeman in putting the application together and creating the links with other schools. We are now looking forward to linking up with other schools in Uganda, Germany, London and Derby City. 

Maasai Message of Thanks

In May 2017, we all helped to raise money for the Maasai villagers who came to visit us last year. Kenya is suffering from a drought and the local school needed a supply of water and food to remain open for the school children. We held a sponsored walk carrying buckets of water and our water bottles around our school field. We raised over £300!


We received this note of thanks from Daniel, a Maasai village warrior.

"We are so humbled to know we have very special friends, all the money you collected went to a very special project, on behalf of all the children you helped, directly or indirectly, I say thank you very much, you may not be there to see the impact you made in their lives, You have changed their lives positively forever, your gift of food and water allows the school to remain open during the drought, and the education you gave them can never be stolen or wear out, you have opened their eyes for them to see a brighter future, most of the families could not have managed this by themselves that’s why I am so touched, this is a gift for the whole maasai community, again on behalf of all those children and their families who otherwise could not access the internet, I again say a huge thank you, this will remain with us for ever"










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He also sent us these photographs of some of the local villagers rescuing a zebra.
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