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Squirrels Y1 and 2

We are Squirrels class, we are in Year 1 and 2 and our teacher is Mrs Toft.  

This term our topic is 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets'. Below are the topics that are going to be covered in each subject.


English: Reported Speech, Narrative, Letters, Posters

Science: Living things and their habitats

Geography: Amazing structures around the world

Art/DT: Making models of towers, bridges and tunnels and sculptures using natural materials

Computing: Coding

RE - God/Christmas Story

PE - Real PE and Gymnastics

PSHE - Relationships

Homework - Autumn 2

Below is the home learning ideas for Towers, Tunnels and Turrets topic. Please complete the highlighted task and choose a further two tasks. Completed homework needs to be in school by Wednesday 11th December so that we can start to share it as a class throughout the week. 

Important Information



Children are issued with 2 school reading books and a reading record book. Books will be changed when the child is ready to move onto a new book (reading it fluently and showing an understanding of what has happened in the book). To increase independence, the children are asked every day to put their reading books in the 'Changing Box' if they feel their books need changing. Although books are changed throughout the week, adults in the Squirrels classroom check through all reading record books on a Thursday and will ask children to change their books where appropriate. When your child has read with you at home, please ensure you have written in the reading record - this will show us that they may be ready for a new book and will count towards their Rainbow Readers badges!


At Walton, we use Rainbow Readers as a reading reward scheme, to support with reading at home. Reading is such a vital skill for life, and one that is essential for accessing the curriculum further up the school. We are a book loving school, and really hope are children will become passionate and avid readers too! Each time your child reads 25 times at home, they get a different coloured badge. 200 reads gives the children a highly coveted gold badge. We count a maximum of 7 home reads each week - so, even though you may read more often, you only need to do a daily summary in the record book. 


We ask that children are read with at least 5 times a week at home, but ideally each day. This can take many forms and doesn't need to always be 'school books' - books from home, magazines, e-readers, audiobooks, even cookery books all make interesting ways to access a wide range of vocabulary. If your child is a reluctant reader at home, do let us know - we have lots of strategies to support with this. 


This Term (Autumn 1) we are lucky enough to have Mrs De Jongh and Mrs Charles running the library every Wednesday. The children are all able to choose a book from the library and change it every week!



The children have are all given 10 spellings to practice on a weekly basis. The children have all been given a spelling book to share spellings (and results) with you at home. Please support your child to practice these in a variety of fun and exciting ways. There are a few suggestions in the front of the spelling book for you to try.  Spellings are also uploaded to Spelling Shed for your child to practice electronically. If you have an issue with Spelling Shed please do not hesitate to get in touch. Spellings will be tested and new spellings given on a Friday.  



PE takes place on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure a full indoor and outdoor PE kit is in school at all times so that we can do PE outside of these sessions if the opportunity arises. If your child has their ears pierced, please ensure your child can take out and put in their earrings independently.


Outdoor learning

At Walton we love learning outdoors. Please provide your child with a named pair of wellies to keep in school at all times. This means that we can take learning outdoors whenever we can!


The first languages lesson for the Squirrels today. Lots of hands on and practical work. Mrs Freeman was very impressed!

The Squirrels chose some lovely words to describe each other today! We are all proud of the people that we are!

The Squirrels chose some lovely words to describe each other today! We are all proud of the people that we are! 1

The day the Hedgehog Year 1s infiltrated the Squirrels classroom. We had fun creating artwork around The Fire Children

Some wonderful story boards based on The Fire Children!