We are so proud of all of our children. A great start to the new term, such enthusiasm and love for our school. Thank you for making such a positive start to the Autumn term.

Walton On Trent C of E Primary and Nursery School

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Rabbits Nursery

Welcome to our nursery class. We are called the Rabbit Class and we are based in the Rabbit Warren. There are just 8 nursery children in our setting so we are a little cosy and friendly team.

Our nursery lead is Mrs Bollington.



Autumn Term 1 Homework


Choose one piece of homework. Bring into school on Monday 21st October.


  • Friendship hearts

Use a range of different sized heart shaped cutters to make biscuits of your choice. Decorate and bring into school to share with your class friends. use marks to create a recipe card or take photos to share your experiences in our show and tell.


  • People who help me at home

Draw a picture or take photographs to share your home experiences/routines and the people that help you do this.


  • Thank you!

Create a thank you card for someone who is a good friend to you at school and include the reasons inside your card. You can share your card with the Rabbit's class before you hand over your card with a thank you smile!