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Walton On Trent C of E Primary and Nursery School

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Rabbits Nursery

Welcome to our nursery class. We are called the Rabbit Class and we are based in the Rabbit Warren. There are just 8 nursery children in our setting so we are a little cosy and friendly team.

Our nursery lead is Mrs Bollington.



Autumn Term 1 Homework


Choose one piece of homework. Bring into school on Monday 21st October.


  • Friendship hearts

Use a range of different sized heart shaped cutters to make biscuits of your choice. Decorate and bring into school to share with your class friends. use marks to create a recipe card or take photos to share your experiences in our show and tell.


  • People who help me at home

Draw a picture or take photographs to share your home experiences/routines and the people that help you do this.


  • Thank you!

Create a thank you card for someone who is a good friend to you at school and include the reasons inside your card. You can share your card with the Rabbit's class before you hand over your card with a thank you smile!




Here is the Gingerbread Man song that we've been listening to and learning this week! You can try it at home by following this link!

Water Bottles

Water bottles should be in school each day, and should contain only plain/still water. Flavoured water and squash is not allowed in school. Some children can be reluctant at first to drink plain water, but we often find that when their class mates are doing it, they'll do it too! We also have lots of ways to encourage children to drink 'school water', so we ask for your support with this. Any worries or concerns, don't hesitate to speak to me. 



Children are provided with a  fruit snack each morning, along with their 'free' milk drink.

Toast is available to purchase, for an additional morning snack. This costs £1 per week, payable on Parent Pay. 


Reading Books.

Children are issued with school reading books and a reading record book. Books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays, but please send them in each day to school as we try and read as often as we can.

At Walton, we use Rainbow Readers as a reading reward scheme, to support with reading at home. Reading is such a vital skill for life, and one that is essential for accessing the curriculum further up the school. We are a book loving school, and really hope are children will become passionate and avid readers too! Each time your child reads 25 times at home, they get a different coloured badge. 200 reads gives the children a highly coveted gold badge. We count a maximum of 7 home reads each week - so, even though you may read more often, you only need to do a daily summary in the record book. 

We ask that children are read with at least 5 times a week at home, but ideally each day. This can take many forms and doesn't need to always be 'school books' - books from home, magazines, e-readers, audiobooks, even cookery books all make interesting ways to access a wide range of vocabulary. If your child is a reluctant reader at home, do let us know - we have lots of strategies to support with this.