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Beginning our OPAL journey!

OPALS vision and rationale

At OPAL we have seen just how much of an impact improving play can make to a school. We are not just talking about playtimes being a bit less bother or about children being a bit happier. We are talking about cultural transformation.

Play is an integral part of the school day, in the average UK primary, playtime takes up more than 20% of a child's time at school. This amounts to around 1.4 years of their primary school life!

Walton's vision

At Walton on Trent Primary, we are commitment to ensuring quality play opportunities are available to all children.

As a school we aim to improve the way we think and provide opportunities for play. We believe that play is essential for physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual development.

The school grounds provide a crucial place for the children to experience self-initiated play.


Who is involved?

The OPAL play team are all responsible for ensuring that policies are reviewed, children and staff are trained to use the equipment and that our playtimes are the best they can be. 



Curriculum Lead of Play = Miss Grigg

Play Coordinator = Mrs Hinton

Play team = Mrs Claxton, Mr Carlin, Miss Lane, Mr Ellington, Mrs Bellman


Play Ambassadors


The play Ambassadors will be responsible for collecting pupil voice, ensuring equipment is put away correctly and support and be involved within Play Assemblies. 



By the bus stop at the front of school is the OPAL donation point. This will be updated regularly with a list of items that we are looking for to support the children's play opportunities. 



This page will be regularly updated with new information, photos and updates on our OPAL journey. There are lots of exciting changes they will happen to the school grounds to align with OPAL and Walton's visions of opening up play opportunities and we cannot wait to show you!


Twitter is also regularly updated with OPAL information and images from across the school so remember to check that too.