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Hedgehogs Reception & Y1

A very warm welcome to you all, especially those that are new to our Walton family. Our class page is where you will find all of the up to date information about Hedgehog class - routines, reminders, class topic, home learning etc.


This page is updated regularly so don't forget to check back frequently! Mrs Toft is the class teacher. Mrs Redford, Mrs Branton and Miss Bottrill support in hedgehogs class. 


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Put on your best outfit because you’re invited to have tea with the Queen. Use your best manners and comb your hair, as one will not be amused if you don’t! What do you know about England’s capital city? Let’s find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks. We will be stepping back in time and discovering what happened in the Great Fire of London. Where did it start? How did it end? We will be creating a model of the bakery on Pudding Lane, then burning it to the ground to recreate the Great Fire. Hang on, there’s someone new in town. The children will be planning a tour for Marley the Meerkat (he’s come all the way from Zambia, you know) making sure he takes in all the sights and sounds of London before he finally meets his family at London Zoo. Hop in a black cab and enjoy the ride.

Science - What keeps us dry? How does it feel? Seasons

PSHE - Being Responsible/Bully Matters

RE - Gospel/Judaism

Computing - Spreadsheets/Technology in everyday life

Geography - The United Kingdom, Weather in the UK, Directions

History - The great fire of London

Art/DT - Natural landscapes, drawing from memory

Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl. They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth. Let’s explore the Dinosaur Planet. Imagine you’re a palaeontologist (that’s a scientist who studies bones and fossils). Dig deep and discover dazzling dinosaur facts. 


Science - Plants and animals, Who's Poo?, Plants and animals

PSHE - Relationships/Being responsible

RE - Why is Easter special to Christians?

Computing - Coding

Geography - Extinction across the world

History - Mary Anning, What happened to the dinosaurs?

Art/DT - Dinosaur eggs

This half term, we’ll go on a sound walk to see what we can hear and identify where the sounds are coming from. Back in the classroom, we’ll play with noisy toys, listen to sound and audiobook recordings and make our own. Playing percussion instruments will be lots of fun (and very noisy). We will listen carefully and describe the similarities and differences between sounds we can hear. We’ll read fiction books about different sounds and join in with rhymes and poems. We’ll think about loud and quiet sounds, and when these are most appropriate.  We’ll also investigate how sounds are made by feeling the vibrations when we speak.


Science - What can worms sense?/What is camouflage for? Identifying sounds

PSHE - Exploring emotions/Relationships

RE - Where do we belong?/Why is Easter special to Christians?

Computing - Coding/Pictograms

Geography - Music from around the world

History - Musicians and instruments through the ages

Art/DT - Creating own instruments

This half term, we’ll go on a fantastic journey and see how many forms of transport we can see, taking photographs as we go.  Thinking about the transport we’ve taken to go on holiday, we’ll use maps to consider where we’d like to visit next. What should we pack? We’ll draw and write about imaginary journeys and make predictions about how many vehicles we will find around school.

As part of our music work, we’ll accompany stories and songs about transport with music and movement. How far can inflated balloons travel? We’ll play with them to find out. In our science lessons, we’ll learn about floating and sinking by building miniature boats, and find out about friction by rolling cars down ramps. We’ll also talk with a crossing supervisor about road safety, learn about high-visibility clothing and design an incredible imaginary vehicle using a computer program.


Science - Floating and sinking

PSHE - Difference and diversity

RE - The Christmas Story

Computing - Online Safety and creating pictures

Geography - Mapwork and identifying countries

History - Remembering journeys we have been on in the past

Art/DT - Junk modelling vehicles, Creating their own vehicle


For future topics, please see the Long Term plan uploaded below. 

This half term we are jetting off to Africa for our topic 'Why do zebras have stripes'. Take a look at the different subjects below, to see what we will be covering during adult and child-led activities.  


Science - Animals around the word, animals and their young

PSHE - Being Healthy

RE - Creation story

Computing - Online and computer safety, exploring mini mash and purple mash

Geography - Children around the world, African animals

Art/DT - African landscapes, animal print


For future topics, please see the Long Term plan uploaded below. 

Parent baseline assessment letter below. Please get in touch with Mrs Toft to book an appointment.

Important Information



The children are all given spellings to practice on a weekly basis - Reception x5, Year 1 x10 (Reception will not receive these for the first few weeks of term). Please support your child to do this in a variety of fun and exciting ways - there are a few suggestions in the front of their spelling book for you to try.  

The children will be sent home with their spellings for the term during the first week for your reference and have been uploaded below.

We use the website ‘Spelling Shed’ to support the practice of spellings and they are updated every Friday. To ensure everyone has access to Spelling Shed, I will be resetting all login details and these will be sent home with your children in the first few weeks. Tests will be held on a Friday.


If you have any questions or an issue with Spelling Shed please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



At Walton, we use Rainbow Readers as a reading reward scheme, to support with reading at home. Reading is such a vital skill for life, and one that is essential for accessing the curriculum further up the school. We are a book loving school, and really hope are children will become passionate and avid readers too! Each time your child reads 25 times at home, they get a different coloured badge. 200 reads gives the children a highly coveted gold badge. We count a maximum of 7 home reads each week - so, even though you may read more often, you only need to do a daily summary in the record book. 


We ask that children are read with at least 5 times a week at home, but ideally each day. This can take many forms and doesn't need to always be 'school books' - books from home, magazines, e-readers, audiobooks, even cookery books all make interesting ways to access a wide range of vocabulary. If your child is a reluctant reader at home, do let us know - we have lots of strategies to support with this. 



PE takes place on a Friday afternoon. Please send your child to school dressed in their PE kit, including a warm tracksuit top for outdoors. If your child has their ears pierced, please ensure your child can take out and put in their earrings independently.


Outdoor learning

At Walton we love learning outdoors. Please provide your child with a named pair of wellies to keep in school at all times. This means that we can take learning outdoors whenever we can!

Please find below, a support sheet for letter formation at Walton. I hope this will help you support your children with their handwriting at home.