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Hedgehogs - Reception and Year 1

Remote Learning

Below you will find a user guide for both TEAMs and Showbie. These are the platforms that we use to provide online learning. If you have any issues with logging on and accessing the learning, please get in touch!

A very warm welcome to you all, especially those that are new to our Walton family. Our class page is where you will find all of the up to date information about Hedgehog class - routines, reminders, class topic, home learning etc. 


This page is updated regularly so don't forget to check back frequently! Mrs Williams is the class teacher. Mrs Redford, Mrs Noble, Mr Carlin and Mrs Weston support in hedgehogs class. 


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The Big Wide World

Our topic for Summer 2 is The Big Wide World and Splash!. We will be finding out about different places, imagining where we would like to visit and exploring the environment within the school grounds.

Science – Reception- Food  Year One- Seasonal Changes

Geo/ Hist – Big Wide World

RE – Where do we belong?

Art/ DT – Big Wide World and Reflections and Splash!

PE – Real PE – Health and Fitness (FS)- Athletics 

Computing – Purple Mash- Animated Story books (1.6) 

PSHCE – Changing me

MFL – Me and my body

Sunshine and Sunflowers

Our topic for Summer 1 is Sunshine and Sunflowers. We will be looking at what plants need to grow, using different paint effects to paint sunflowers and planting some of our own.

Sci – Reception- Weather and Seasons  Year One- Uses of everyday materials 

Geo/ Hist – Big Wide World 

RE - How should we care for others and the world, and why does it matter? 

Art/ DT – Sunshine and Sunflowers/ Big Wide World 

PE – Early Riders 

Computing – Spreadsheets (Purple Mash) 

PSHCE – Relationships  

MFL - Me and my body 

In the Dangerous Dinosaurs project, we will be finding out about prehistoric animals that lived on Earth. We will learn facts about dinosaurs and discover how big some of these giant creatures were. We will learn about the difference between carnivores and herbivores. We will also find out about the animals that lived after the dinosaurs and which modern-day animals have prehistoric relatives.


In the Puddles and Rainbows project, we will learn about the weather associated with the season of spring. We will explore natural phenomena, including rainbows, clouds, rain and wind. We will also explore colours found in the natural environment and learn how to mix primary colours to make new colours.


Science - Year 1 - Introduction to plants   / Reception - Plants

PSHE - Healthy Me

Computing - Maze Explorers / Online Bullying

Geography - The weather / Seasons / Simple Maps

History - Prehistoric animals

Art/DT -  Colours of the rainbow / Rain makers / Texture

RE - Who do Christians say made the world?

PE - Real PE / Real Dance (Cognitive)

In the Winter Wonderland project, we will explore the seasonal changes that happen during winter. We will find out about the different weather associated with the winter season and explore changes that happens to water as it freezes. We will find out about what happens to plants and animals during cold weather and explore places in the world that are always cold and snowy, including the animals that live there.


In the Starry Night project, we will explore the differences between the world at night time compared with daytime, through a range of exciting and creative activities. We will find out about nocturnal animals and how they find food when it is dark. We will find out about people who work at night and the different jobs that people do when we are asleep. We will discuss bedtime routines and the importance of a good night’s sleep.  Finally, we will explore the night sky and find out about the Moon and stars.


Science - Year 1 -  Exploring everyday materials / Reception - Materials

PSHE - Dreams and Goals

Computing - Coding

Geography - Weather

History - Events in world history

Art/DT - Exploring colour / 

RE - Judaism

PE - Real PE - Real Dance

In the Once Upon a Time project, we will be exposed to the wonderful world of stories. The children will listen to a range of traditional tales and have the chance to act out the stories in their play. They will also listen to alternative contemporary stories to see different viewpoints from the characters. They will use the stories to think about how life has changed from when the stories were written. They will also make up their own stories and make masks, props and puppets to act out their stories.


In the Sparkle and Shine project, the children will explore different celebrations that take place in autumn and winter, focusing on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of year. They will take part in a variety of creative activities and discover more about how Christmas, Diwali and Hanukkah are celebrated around the world.


Science - Animals (Reception)  Animals including humans – About Animals (Year 1)

PSHE - Celebrating Difference

Computing - Lego Builders/Self-image and identify

Geography - Homes and Houses/Celebrations around the world

History - Clothes of the past

Art/DT - Celebration ornaments and designs/bridge designs

RE - Why is Christmas special to Christians?

PE - Real PE - Social

Do cows drink milk? What are baby pigs called? We will be exploring these questions, and more, in this project about life on the farm and the animals that live there.


Science - Our Body/ Animals including humans – About me

PSHE - Being me in my world

Computing - Exploring Mini-Mash/ Privacy and Security/Online Relationships

History - Farming in history

Geography - Food from around the world

Art/DT - Fruit and vegetable printing/Steven Brown/Seed instruments

RE - What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

PE - Real PE - Personal

Important Information



The children are all given spellings to practice on a weekly basis - Reception x5, Year 1 x10 (Reception will not receive these for the first few weeks of  the Autumn term). Please support your child to do this in a variety of fun and exciting ways.

The children will be sent home with their spellings for the term during the first week for your reference and will be uploaded to Spelling Shed.

We use the website ‘Spelling Shed’ to support the practice of spellings and they are updated every Friday. To ensure everyone has access to Spelling Shed, I will be resetting all login details and these will be sent home with your children in the first few weeks. Tests will be held on a Friday.


If you have any questions or an issue with Spelling Shed please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



At Walton, we use Rainbow Readers as a reading reward scheme, to support with reading at home. Reading is such a vital skill for life, and one that is essential for accessing the curriculum further up the school. We are a book loving school, and really hope are children will become passionate and avid readers too! Each time your child reads 25 times at home, they get a different coloured badge. 200 reads gives the children a highly coveted gold badge. We count a maximum of 7 home reads each week - so, even though you may read more often, you only need to do a daily summary in the record book. 


We ask that children are read with at least 5 times a week at home, but ideally each day. This can take many forms and doesn't need to always be 'school books' - books from home, magazines, e-readers, audiobooks, even cookery books all make interesting ways to access a wide range of vocabulary. If your child is a reluctant reader at home, do let us know - we have lots of strategies to support with this. 



PE takes place on a Thursday morning (Reception and Year 1) and Friday afternoon (Year 1 only). Please send your child to school dressed in their PE kit, including a warm tracksuit top for outdoors. If your child has their ears pierced, please ensure your child can take out and put in their earrings independently.


Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday takes place every Wednesday and we will be outdoors in all weathers. Please make sure your children have appropriate clothing (see the forest school page for more information). 

Children are to come into school wearing their school uniform, with their forest clothes in a clearly named bag to change into after the lunch hour. 


Outdoor learning

At Walton we love learning outdoors. Please provide your child with a named pair of wellies to keep in school at all times. This means that we can take learning outdoors whenever we can!