We are so proud of you all during this time. Home learners- please continue doing your best! Please contact school if you need any help or support!

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Covid-19 Info

Please note that this information is subject to change, so check back for the latest details.
The Government has indicated that a final decision on whether to open schools to more pupils on June 1st will be made by May 28th.
If there are significant changes to the plans, we’ll send out a text message to parents and carers.

An update from The Department of Education: 18th May 2020

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, schools have responded with quiet determination.

Schools have not been closed. They have remained open for the children who have needed our support and care, including the children of key workers. Teachers and leaders have in many cases worked harder than any point in their professional lives as they have sought to support home learning and to ensure that those families who needed it, had food. Parents too have been magnificent in attempting to support their children's learning while in many cases, also trying to continue to work.

But these arrangements cannot continue indefinitely, for two reasons:

1) Because prolonged absence from school is concerning academically, socially - and for some children, from a welfare and safety perspective; and

2) Because the long-term impact of a deep recession, particularly on the poorest families, will be very damaging.

It is important to balance the public health risks in the short term (related to the transmission of the virus) with longer term public health considerations. If a child loses out on the basics of education, this can have an impact on that child across their whole lives, their economic prosperity and long-term health. Children benefit hugely from being at school. So, we need to take steps towards opening schools more widely.

For now, we are simply making plans for how we might open schools more widely from 1st June. The government will make the final decision on whether to open schools more widely when it reviews the latest science, including transmission rates, on 28th May.