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Badgers- Y6

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We are Badgers Class. Our teacher is Miss Lane who is also the Deputy Headteacher!  


Summer 2 topic - Darwin's delight​​​​​​

Science – Evolution and inheritance; Living things and their environments

Art and Design – Sketchbooks; Observational drawings; Clay modelling

Computing – Research; Morphing; Understanding computer networks

Geography –Using maps; Geographical similarities and differences; Compass work

History – Significant individuals: Charles Darwin and Mary Anning

PSHCE – Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Creativity, Resilience

RE – Hinduism

PE – Striking and fielding games


Here is a link to a video about the Galapagos Islands. We will be learning about how Charles Darwin visited these islands in HMS Beagle. 

Collaborative editing

Celebrating the end of SATs

We're going on a tense hunt...

SPAG version of Heads UP

Million Pound Drop revision

Curriculum Showcase afternoon


If you would like to spend some time practising any maths areas with your child, this is a brilliant document. It has links to questions on different topic areas and youtube buttons which explain how to answer the questions

Milk bottle igloo - next half term, Badgers' topic will be Frozen Kingdom. We will be creating an igloo from milk bottles like the one below. Please save any milk bottles you have at home and ask friends and relatives to do the same. We need an awful lot of bottles so please help!


This half term, Badgers' topic will be Frozen Kingdom.


We will cover:


Science - Living things and their habitats; food chains and webs and classification

History - Titanic and Robert Falcon Scott

Geography - Identify the significance of: latitude; longitude; the equator; the northern and southern hemisphere; the tropics of cancer and capricorn and the Artic and Antarctic circle

Art - Sketching and sculptures

DT - Milk bottle igloo

Computing - Combining a variety of softwares to present information and images

PE - Invasion games

PSHCEE - Living in the wider world

RE - Incarnation: Was Jesus the Messiah?

MFL and Music - PPA


Spring 2 spellings


As a school we have introduced a new and incredibly exciting curriculum called Cornerstones.


Our topic this half term will be 'A Child's War' which is based upon WWII. 


Below is a parent and careers' letter which details which subjects we will be covering and a fun facts sheet about the topic. I will also be sending home a knowledge organiser with lots of information about the topic for you to read with your children.


The children have already created some excellent work and completed lots of fun activities. Please see the pictures below.

WW2 evacuee costumes and street party

We've been learning about Anne Frank's life. Here are some timelines. We'll be writing biographies next week

WW2 ration cake baking for our street party

Blitz artwork

Street party preparations

First aid training

Evacuee tags

Tea stained diary entries

Some of our topic work based on WW2

Y6 worked brilliantly evaluating and suggesting changes to writing

Shaun who used to be in the army visited Y6

Tilly brought in some WW2 artifacts from her family

Air raid sirens

Still image for this video


Autumn 2: Lands Far Far Away

Text: Nevermore: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend

History/ Geography: North America

Science: Light

Art/ DT: Cooking magic

Computing: Online Safety and spreadsheets

RE: People of God: How can following God bring freedom and justice?

PE: Gymnastics

PSHCEE: Relationships

PPA: French and Music


Badgers have measured out their ingredients and they are ready to sell their cookies in a jar tomorrow at the school fair!

Current working walls

Badgers loved using editing stations to improve their writing

Badgers gymnastics

Still image for this video

Badgers loved drawing on the tables in Maths today while investigating factors, multiples and prime numbers!

Autumn 2 Spellings

Sheep heart dissecting

In RE, we used the Arts to express our thanks to God. Here is an INCREDIBLE Creation Story Rap!

Still image for this video

The children created their own games using coding focusing on collision detection and tabs

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

This is an amazing mystery Introduction written by Amelia. Look at all the likes and retweets it received on Twitter! It even received a retweet from Michael Rosen!!

Badger Art

Autumn 1 topic


Welcome back!


I hope you have all have had enjoyable and relaxing summer holidays and are exciting to start your final important year at primary school. You will shortly be receiving a class newsletter outlining important information for the year ahead. 


This term our topic will be based on a text we will be reading in class called Theodore Boone by John Grisham. It is the first book in a 6 book series. We will also be learning about:


Science - Circulatory system and the impact of diet, exercise and drugs on body functions

History - Medicine and disease through the ages

RE - Creation and fall

Art - Sketching and how to create tone, shading, texture and perspective

Computing - Coding

PE - Basketball and netball

PSHCEE - Relationships