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Support for well-being

In addition to regular whole school activities to support well being, we run two Nurture Groups each term. Children are referred by their teacher and an assessment of their needs is completed. The sessions run twice a week and are clearly structured, focused on language and communication, with an emphasis on positive play, developing self-esteem, and building relationships. At the end of the programme, an evaluation of change in progress is completed, with any new strategies in place to support the child in the future. If you feel your child would benefit from these please speak to your child's class teacher. All children are also aware that they can speak to any member of staff that they are comfortable with if they have an issue or concern and that we will take the appropriate action to resolve it. For children with identified medical needs, an Individual Health Care Plan is compiled by the school and parents/carers. All staff in the school are made aware and the medication is kept in a secure cabinet in the staff room. We are also willing and able to contact various outside services to support the overall well being of any child. These services may include an educational psychologist, behaviour support, counselling and many more.