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Mrs Toft

Letter sounds


So far we have learnt all of the sounds in the tables below! Please practice these with your children on a regular basis.


Phase 2


s a t p
m i n


g o c k
ck u e r
h b f l
ff ll ss  


Phase 3


j v w x
y z zz qu
ch sh th ng
ai ee igh oa
oo ar or ur
ow oi ear


ure er    



Tricky Words


We have also been learning a lot of tricky words during our phonics sessions. These are outlined in the tables below. Please use these words alongside your high frequency word cards that the children have in their monkey books. 


Phase 2


I no go to
the into    


Phase 3


he she we be
me you are all
was they her my


Take a look on the 'Phonics' area in the 'Key Information' tab to find out more about phonics, how it is taught at Walton and what you can do to help your child.