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Mrs Bollington

The children in Mrs Bollington's group are working within Phase 1 of Letters Sounds, covering all 7 aspects. These are described below. The children are also exposed to letter sounds from the Phase 2 work and are practicing the formation through experimental mark making.


Aspect 1: General sound discrimination – environmental sounds


To develop children’s listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment


Aspect 2: General sound discrimination – instrumental sounds


To experience and develop awareness of sounds made with instruments and noise makers


Aspect 3: General sound discrimination – body percussion


To develop awareness of sounds and rhythms


Aspect 4: Rhythm and rhyme


To experience and appreciate rhythm and rhyme and to develop awareness of rhythm and rhyme in speech


Aspect 5: Alliteration


To develop understanding of alliteration


Aspect 6: Voice sounds


To distinguish between the differences in vocal sounds, including oral blending and segmenting


Aspect 7: Oral blending and segmenting


To develop oral blending and segmenting of sounds in words



The children work through each of these aspects, playing different games to encourage the understanding of sounds before moving onto recognition of letters and writing or words. Below I have provided you with a link to the 'Letters and Sounds Publication' for you to get an idea of the kinds of games we play in class.