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Ladybirds Year 1

Welcome to Ladybirds!


About us

We are a Year 1 class with 21 children.  

 Miss Harris is our class teacher. 

 Mrs Wheatley is our teaching assistant. 

Miss Owen covers Miss Harris' PPA time. 

 Mrs Freeman teaches French and Music.

Mr Orton is our Forest School teacher.


Football at Pingle 16.3.18


Hi, I just wanted to clarify the details for tomorrow:


Children will have Forest Friday as usual in the morning. They will NOT need their school uniform to change in to though. They will have dinner as usual as school, and then get changed in to their outdoor PE kit ready to go to Pingle School. A hoody/jumper is recommended,  well as trainers (pumps/plimsolls are not really sturdy enough). Children have been asked to provide shin pads - these are available for around £3 per pair from Sports Direct. Please provide a water bottle for your child. 

The session runs from 1-3pm; a coach will collect and return the children to school. Miss Owen and Mrs Claxton will be accompanying the children on the trip. 

Any further questions, please don't hesitate either myself or the office. I'm sure the children will have a really exciting afternoon!

Miss Harris

Spring term 2 Topic map

Spring Term 2 pictures

Spring Term 2 


Our first week back has been quite an exciting 1! We have introduced a new topic - Tall Tales for this half term. The topic plan will follow, but the main focus is ' Jack and the Beanstalk' and  'Stuck', and plants.

We were visited by Fiona and Vicky from the NHS to talk to us about medicine safety. The children showed a tremendous amount of knowledge already, and were very aware of how important medicine safety is. We had some really positive comments from the Fiona and Vicky, and I felt very proud of how confident and well behaved the children were!

Obviously the Snow Days have cut short our week, but I'm hoping that you are able to enjoy the extra time with your families.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Parent's Evening next week - weather permitting of course!


Miss Harris

Year One Homework Projects

A huge thank you to Ladybird's parents/carers for your support with our Space homework last half term. We showcased it all on the Monday (pics/videos are on the class page) and I was literally blown away by all of your efforts and hard work! The children were so excited to share their work with their friends and staff on the day, and loved talking about how they had created it and how much time it took.  We had a wide range of creations, from poetry to art work, models and magazines, films and and actual human-sized space rocket. The children couldn't have done this without your continuing support, and I hope you enjoyed sharing this time with your children. 

Thank you so much,

 Miss Harris


(I've been trying very hard to upload both Jude and Harry's homework videos, but without success. Computer says they are too large...can anyone help?)


Our fantastic Space homework projects - I'm so proud of all of your hard work Ladybirds!

As part of our Space topic, we had a special food tasting sessions last week. We were very excited to be able to try Astronaut Food! We mostly agreed it was quite nice, but the texture was a little strange sad

PSHCE - our Circle of Friendship :-)

Wake and shake - Ladybird Style!

Still image for this video
Just wanted to share a video with you all - we love our morning Wake and Shake. We've been using Go Noodle and Jump Start Jonny websites - they both have lots of free routines on them so you can enjoy these at home if you like? They're very catchy and addictive.
Banana, banana, meatballs is our great favourite :-)

Ladybird Class Spring Term 1 Homework Project

Topic Map for Ladybird Class, Spring 1 term

The last few days before Christmas

Isaacs fantastic edible nativity! Thank you Isaac! 13.12.17

Isaacs fantastic edible nativity! Thank you Isaac! 13.12.17 1

Fun in the snow! 12.12.17

Anti-Bullying Week at Walton


Walton School, like many others, works incredibly hard to promote kindness, fairness and friendships. In Ladybird Class, we have looked at 'bullying' and what it is, and what we can do to stop it.

Bullying is:

Unkindness, but on purpose

Repeated, not just happening once

Unkind words, actions and thoughts towards another child (which may involve more than one child)

Stopping it:

Saying firmly, "No! I don't like it when you......."

Telling a grown up as soon as you can

If you someone else being treated unkindly, go and tell a grown up


As a class, we created a simple, but clear anti-bullying charter. We worked on creating 'hands of friendship' - ideas, thoughts and actions to give to someone who needed a friend.



Autumn Term (2) Homework for Ladybird Class


Hand in date: Friday 24th November (nice and early to make way for Christmas!)


This half term, we are looking at nocturnal animals, particularly owls. I would like the children to create a 'project' on owls (or any other nocturnal animals).

This can be:

* a booklet with a series of pictures with labels

* a booklet with information collected from books or the internet

* a short film/'documentary' about your chosen animal

* a piece of artwork - clay, collage, sewing etc

* Any other idea you may have 


Be as creative as you and your children can be! The projects will be shared in class, and it would be great to have a range of different types of presentations. 


 Reading (5 x per week) is expected too - see current newsletter for further information on this. Spellings will be sent home on Mondays for practise, ready for the test the following Monday.


Miss Harris


Diwali - October 2017

Sing2Gether 2017 at Coton in the Elms School

World Food Day 16th October 2017

Our Oliver Jeffers' inspired artwork, from 'The Day the Crayons Quit.'

October 9th 2017


We've had a busy few weeks in Ladybirds, and our half term is fast approaching!

Today,  we were visited by Mr Dan the Skipping Man, who taught us all some amazing skills and games to practice at home and on the playground. (Pics to follow)

We've been practicing our song for the Harvest Festival in church next Tuesday. And we're very excited to be performing our Sing2gether songs at Coton School next week. 

Your Family Treasure Boxes have all been fantastic - thank you so much for all of the effort that you've put in to supporting your children with these - the last few are being shown on Monday next week. This has been a great opportunity for your children to stand in front of the class (scary!) and to talk about their family. Speaking and Listening is a huge skill for life, and I hope this has been great opportunity for them. 


For next half term, I will be sending spellings home (high frequency words/tricky words) as part of Year 1 homework. I will then test the children in school weekly; this will support the children hugely in their Phonics screening, and also in their day to day writing. I realise this is a big step up from EYFS, so this will be a gradual process, starting with 5 spellings, and building up to 10 over the course of the year. 


As always, please read as often as possible with your child, and record the amount in their Monkey Books. The frequency of reading is so important in supporting their fluency and understanding. Also reading books/magazines/literature from home is really useful to widen the range of books - e-books, Kindles, cookery books, atlases, instruction leaflets etc, any format at all!


And finally - the weather will start to become chillier over the coming weeks. Can you please ensure that children have an indoor (shorts, t shirt) and an outdoor (tracksuit bottoms, hoodie/sweater, trainers) PE kit in school each day. We have very little spare kit in school should children not have the correct clothing. Earring must be removed for PE, either by the child, or at home before school (PE is usually Monday and Wednesday).


Miss Harris 

A selection of our Family Treasure Boxes from Autumn Term

September 25th 2017


Today we saw the first of our Family Treasure Boxes homework - they were amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to create the boxes with your children. They really enjoyed presenting these to the class - the children were confident and clear in speaking in front of a group. Something which some adults find difficult, so well done! We've definitely learned so much more about each other already.  I can't wait for the following few weeks. (Don't worry if you miss your date - just send it along on the following Monday).


Show and Tell - many of the children are bringing toys in for'show and tell'. This can cause problems, as items are going missing, fall out of bags or are getting damaged, which is upsetting for the children. We have spoken about trying to move away from this in KS1. The Family Treasure Box Homework is a great opportunity for a 'show and tell' for Year 1, so can we ask that no toys are bought in from now on. Obviously, we want to celebrate achievements outside of school, such as certificates, trophies etc. These can be brought in on Fridays, and will be shown in Shine Assembly in front of the whole school. Thank you for your support with this. 


Sing Up Workshops

We are very lucky to have been invited to participate in this years' Sing Up Workshops, with Coton and Rosliston Schools. More details of this will follow, but it takes place during the school day in the next few weeks. The children have been learning the songs already, and seem very excited about it!


Thank you for reading frequently with your children - Rainbow Reader badges will be given out from this week.( Please note, that a maximum of 7 'reads' will be counted per week, per child). Regular reading will improve fluency and understanding of a range of texts. Don't worry if your child seems reluctant to read school books at home though - they are free to read any books at home (including e-books, magazines etc) that are of interest to them. Please record these in the Monkey Books in the usual way.

Miss Harris


September 15th 2017


Thank you to those parents who were able to come along and Meet the Teacher this week - it was great to put names to faces! Don't worry if you were unable to come along; I'm on the gate at the end of the school day, so please say Hi if we haven't already met properly.


A few reminders about routines: 

PE will be on a Monday and a Wednesday (although PE kits should be in school daily, as we occasionally get the chance for extra PE!). Earrings must be removed for PE - by the children if possible, or removed before school on PE days. 


Water bottles, Monkey Books and reading books should be in school every day. It would be really helpful if you could write the number of pages you have read in the Monkey Books - it isn't always clear if the whole book has been read or not. I want to ensure that books are swapped correctly and regularly, and that children can move through the reading levels at an appropriate pace. 



A few parents have asked about homework for this half term.  Reading is expected regularly to improve fluency and range of vocabulary. We will be following the Rainbow Readers scheme to encourage regular reading at home.


As we are focused on 'getting to know each other', the homework for this half term is to create  a Family Treasure Box.

This is a shoe box, basket or similar, with a number of items in that are special or important to your family. The children will then present their Family Treasure Box to the class - the other children can then ask questions, so we all get to find out a little more about each other.  For example, it may include photos, letters, drawing of your family tree, a favourite keepsake or souvenir, details of an interesting people or events in your family. Don't go back too far.....grandparents or great grandparents will be fine!

As storage is an issue, I've put together the following rota for the homework. Can your child bring their Treasure Box in on these dates:

25/9: LS, AR, MH, AG, FM

2/10: HU, IC, JB, VJ, CH

9/10: KL, MG, HF, KH, ET

16/10: MW, TB, AH, OH, LM


I cant wait to see them all!

Miss Harris


Roald Dahl Day 2017



8th September

Well, its been a very busy first week back for the Ladybirds. I've had a fantastic first week in Ladybird Class - the children have been very welcoming to me. We've spent time getting to know each other a little better; we've drawn self portraits, we've read books, we've learned new songs, we've had PE, we've had our first French lesson with Mrs Freeman, we've written about our summer holidays, and we've has a bare-foot walk. 

This was by far their favourite activity of the week - they walked through sand, pasta, leaves, flour and jelly and were asked to describe what it felt like. The children created an amazing 'word bank' of adjectives and similes which is displayed on our working wall.

We've talked about a 'Growth Mindset' and how it can be tricky to do things at first, but its important to keep on trying. There are many things that we can't do yet, but with help, we might achieve what we want. 


We've been singing a lovely song this week by Will I Am (Black Eyed Peas and The Voice mentor) - I've attached the link below for you to have a listen along with your children:




Miss Harris 



Thank you and good luck to Sahr and Tamba! 20.7.17

Thank you Jackie love the Ladybirds! 19.7.17

Thank you Jackie love the Ladybirds! 19.7.17 1

Behind the scenes of our one true selfie! 18.7.17

Walton on Trent Haka 17.7.17

Still image for this video

Thank you Mrs Turner. We are very lucky to have had Monday afternoons with you this year. 17.7.17

Our Great British Homework! Summer 2 2017

Our Learning Environment.

Aboriginal Art! 6.7.17. Thank you to Mrs Greenhouse and Mrs Astle . We absolutely loved it!

Illustration class! 5.7.17. Thank you Mr Rowley we loved it! Arts Week.

Comparing weights 3.7.17

Thank you! 29.6.17

Very British Tea Party! 28.6.17

A huge thank you! 

We had a great time at our Very British Tea Party! The children loved the activities they had planned. The children worked really hard to plan and organise the party and I am very proud of all of them. Thank you to all of the parents who came too. Your kind words and support are appreciated and made the afternoon even more special. It was lovely to apply our learning and it's always a pleasure to get family in to see what we've been up to!  

A big thank you to Mrs Lee who did a superb job of rescuing the icing sugar. That could have been a total disaster if I'd have been left in charge any longer! 

Enjoy the photos below.

Best wishes,

Miss Owen

Den building for Save the Children. 27.6.17

A visit from 41 year old Paddington. Thanks Jackie!

A visit from 41 year old Paddington. Thanks Jackie! 1

Dressed by the kids! 16.6.17

Number bonds 7.6.17

Well done Ladybirds!

Another successful term of learning and exploring is complete. You've all made me very proud this term with your efforts and hard work. Well done you super stars! 
Enjoy a well deserved rest in the sunshine (hopefullyangel). Below you'll find out details of our exciting learning adventure ready for Summer 2!smiley


Over the last two terms we’ve looked at lots of different places around the world including South America and the Caribbean. During Summer 2, we’ll be setting off on a

Great British Learning Adventure!

We’ll be exploring the following;

English- Paddington Bear! Postcards, diary entries, instructions and letters.
Science- Everyday materials.
History- Florence Nightingale and the impact she had on British healthcare.
Geography- The UK! Including London.
Art/DT and Music - Local and British artists.
RE- Inspiring people, including inspiring local people.
ICT- Communicating and collaborating.
PSHE- Being healthy.
PE- Wimbledon, dance and athletics.


See you soon, Miss Owen :-) 

Reading in the sunshine 24.5.17

Amazing under the sea homework Summer 1

Our sunflowers are growing!

Our sunflowers are growing! 1

Dogs Trust 23.5.17 Thank you DT for visiting us. We all enjoyed it and are much more responsible dog children now!

First aid training. 9.5.17 Thank you Mrs Jarvis!

What different places of worship do you recognise? Use the PowerPoint below to help you.

What different places of worship do you recognise? Use the PowerPoint below to help you. 1

We loved learning about different religions and places of worship.

Welcome back Ladybirds!
I hope you had a fantastic Easter break and are refreshed ready for our UNDER THE SEA adventure!
We’re really lucky this half term as we’ve got Mrs Lee joining our jolly crew!
This term we will be using our under the sea adventure to explore:

English: Poetry and information texts.
Science: Animals including humans and sea creatures.
History: Famous boats and the history of lifeboats! (This is going to be so exciting, we’re going to build our own mini boats and test them!).
Geography: Ahoy! We’re off to sail the  oceans!
Art / DT: Famous sea side paintings including British seasides and Van Gogh.
Computing: Basic computer skills.
RE: Key Question 1.5. In what ways is a church / mosque / synagogue important to believers?
PE: Great British Fun! Ball skills and team games including quick cricket and rounders.
PSHCE: R time activities and recognising parts of our brain!
Mrs Freeman: French and Music.


The homework is in a document below, however, if you have any other ideas for under the sea projects, let me know!

Arrgh!, See ya soon me hearties!
Miss Owen

Summer 1 Homework!

Oliver's Rockets and Rosie's Flapjack!

Evas Delicious Day!

Still image for this video
Well done Eva for creating this fantastic video!
Thank you for sharing this with us. We loved it!
Ladybirds have had a good chat about the importance of eating a balanced diet.

Amazing homework from Bertie Bear, Lukey and Danny!

Cammys homework! 4.4.17

Dear Grown Ups,
I am so proud to be writing this. Your ladybirds today (3.4.17- Cadbury trip day) were absolutely amazing. 
They were all extremely courteous to members of the public and showed lots of gratitude and thanks to staff at Cadbury World, myself, Mrs Jones and Miss Holland. 
Thank you for providing the children with their packed lunches and paying for the trip. 
The children all behaved beautifully and were an absolute credit to you and Walton-On-Trent Primary. 
We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. The children all learnt lots of new things and benefitted massively from the trip. We were very lucky with the sunshine too! 
During the trip, I took a moment to throughly enjoy the children, the Ladybird children are all vibrant, considerate and remarkable respective children. I can't believe how much the children have grown and matured over the last term. 
I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Mrs Jones and Miss Holland for their efforts during the trip. They were brilliant! 
The whole day was spent with beaming smiles on everybody's face. Lots of special memories were made. 
Please enjoy the pictures below!

Best Wishes, 

Miss Owen

24.3.17 Pheebs fairy banana loaf!

22.3.17 Zennens amazing mars bars cars!

Physical Literacy 21.3.17

Division week! 21.3.17

Dear Grownups,
We have had a discussion in the Ladybird class this morning about the homework.
We have discussed lots of different ways to create something delicious including using crayons, junk modelling, different materials or even coloured paper. 
We have thoroughly enjoyed the treats that have already been sent in for homework, they were amazing! Thank you to those children and parents.
Please don't feel under any pressure to spend any money or spend hours baking! We just enjoy being creative.
Thank you for your continued support,
The Ladybirds.

WOW! What creative homework from Isabelle and Nathanael. 20.3.17

St Patrick's day celebrations 17.3.17

Today we had a talk about road safety. 16.3.17

Our crazy chocolate creations! 14.3.17

Thank you Sam for his delicious rocky road! Thumbs up from ladybirds.

Today Ladybirds have been learning to read multiplication number sentences. 9.3.17

Today Ladybirds have been learning to read multiplication number sentences. 9.3.17 1
Today Ladybirds have been learning to read multiplication number sentences. 9.3.17 2

Eva and Ernies chocolate pizza! Thank you for sharing it with us, we loved it!

Soccer Stars 7.3.17 The children all loved this taster session! We have our very own David Beckhams in the making in Ladybirds.

Forest Friday 3.3.17

World Book Day!

28.2.17 A delivery from Mr Wonka.

24.2.17 Our Super Week!


Welcome back Ladybirds
I hope that you had a fantastic half term.
This half term our learning adventure is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as chosen by the children!
We're linking our whooooole curriculum. Its going to be a chocolate explosion!

Literacy : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Diary entry writing and recipe creating!
Numeracy : Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions.
Science : Plants. How do chocolate beans grow?
Art/DT : Creating our own chocolate bars. 
Geography : Where in the world does chocolate come from? 
History : The 60s! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was first published in the 60s! 
RE : Who is God? 
PSHE : What makes a good friend? Using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character as inspiration and examples. 
PE : Team skills/games. 
Computing : How can I be safe online?
Music: Songs to help our learning.

The homework this term is to create something delicious! Please continue to read at home. If there is anything else I can help with please let me know!

Thank you for your continued support, Miss Owen. 


Wow! What a fantastic few weeks we've had.
A massive thank you to the children for their wonderful efforts and welcoming me so warmly. Thank you to all of the parents for their support too.
I'm really excited about next term and I know Ladybirds are too!
We're starting with a chocolate explosion! 

Have a lovely half term break and I'll see you ready for Spring term 2 on Tuesday 21st!
Miss Owen

We have been learning to show addition number sentences in different ways and correcting Miss Owens silly mistake number sentences. 6.2.17

Pearl comes to play! 3.2.17

Ladybirds have been using junk modelling to create their own crazy transport as part of their travel and transport topic.

We have been learning to show amounts using manipulatives (a fancy word for stuff). Some of us have been using cubes as 1s to carefully count amounts. Some of us have been using dinosaurs as 10s and Cheerios as 1s. 

Can you work out how many these pictures represent?

Chinese New Year with the Ladybugs!

Chinese New Year with the Ladybugs! 1
Chinese New Year with the Ladybugs! 2
Chinese New Year with the Ladybugs! 3
Chinese New Year with the Ladybugs! 4

Hello! Its Miss Owen here! 
We've had such an exciting week in Year 1. You won't believe the fun we've had learning.

We started our new Literacy Learning Adventure based on Up! 
We've been on a hunt for a snipe and produced some fantastic writing about the characters. We've even linked it to our Travel and Transport topic and created our own crazy mode of transport.
In Maths we've been learning about height. We found out who was the tallest, who was the shortest and how everybody in between compares. We had quite a shock when we found out there was a 3cm different between our identical twins!
Thank you to the children for their fantastic effort. They are absolute super stars! 
Have a great weekend,
Miss Owen.

A fresh start to the Spring Term.


Our first week back was based on Health and Wellbeing. 

1. How we are all unique and each have different qualities.  

2. Good to be me

3. Meditation and Yoga

4. Games and activities 

5. How colours can link to feelings and moods

Long Term Planning

Everything you see below took place in the academic year 2015 - 2016! 

World Book Day

​Today we celebrated World Book Day.  

Ladybirds and Dragonflies joined together to enjoy a variety of activities based on the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children's challenge was to innovate a new main character for the story and then create peg puppets for their new character.  In their pairs, children then produced a comic strip story featuring their innovated character.  

In the afternoon children designed and decorated gingerbread men.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5