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How are decisions made about how much support a child gets?

If your child does not make the expected level of progress, or is failing to thrive, interventions will be put in place within school. These interventions will be shared with you and your child, and targets will be sent home throughout the year. If a child is still not making expected progress, or is still below expectations for their age, after they have received interventions and adjustments have been put in place, they will be considered for entry onto the school’s SEND register. If the child still does not make progress after further interventions, sometimes they may need support from outside agencies. In this case the SENCo and parent/carer complete a referral form. If a programme of support is recommended, the SENCo ensures that it is followed. If, after this, further concerns remain about development and progress, the team will consider if multiple difficulties would mean that GRIP funding or an EHC Plan may be more appropriate.