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Bumblebees Year 3 and 4

Science week fun ! 

As this is science week we are going to be carrying out different investigations and challenges based around inventions and exploration. Our first challenge was called, Squashed tomatoes. We had to design and build a vehicle which would transport tomatoes safely down a slope. This was to recreate the challenges farmers in Nepal have. We had varying results but the children worked really well together and had fun. The real challenge comes tomorrow when we add the tomatoes! Here are a few of the practise runs...

A good test run

Still image for this video

Great success

Still image for this video

Busy making

PE kit reminder-Please could you make sure that your child has trainers and appropriate outdoor PE kit in school. On Monday's we are fortunate to have an FA coach who comes in to take the children for football sessions so it is very important that they have the correct kit to allow them to fully participate and enjoy the sessions. Thank you.

Fun with slime!

More brilliant projects

More brilliant projects 1
More brilliant projects 2
More brilliant projects 3
More brilliant projects 4
We have been learning a lot about solids, liquids and gases from the super projects which the children have produced. It looks like you have been having lots of fun whilst learning ! Well done, we look forward to sharing more projects over the next few days.

Science projects

Bumblebee Book Report Homework details


This term our main topic is changes, so we have been looking at solids, liquids and gases and how we can change their states. Your homework this term is produce a science presentation on this theme. You may want to carry out some investigations at home to show how each state of matter can be changed. You could present it as a powerpoint or poster, highlighting the features of each of the different states and how they can be changed. You many want to bring in examples of how you have changed the different materials or even present an investigation to the class.

This will be due in the first week back after half term. 

Chinese New Year Friday 9th February 2018

Happy new year from Bumblebees class!

This term our main topic is: Changes around us. During this topic we will be learning about changes of state in science, looking at solids, liquids and gases and how they can change and take on new states. The children will be having lots of opportunities to plan and carry out experiments and investigations. During Geography we will be learning about the changes in weather, and how landscapes have changed over time. 

Maths: Focus on multiplication and division problem solving.

English: Instructions and creative writing, using The Chronicles of Narnia as a stimulus.  

Art: We will be studying the works of Vincent Van Gogh and attempting to create some work in the style of this great artist.

During Anti Bullying week we created a class anti bullying charter. This is what we came up with together to keep our class a happy, safe place.

Bumblebee's Showcase

We are looking forward to showcasing some of our Ancient Egyptian work with you on Tuesday the 5th of December at 2:30pm. 


From this Wednesday, the 29th of November, your child will be issued with a spelling book, their weekly spellings will be stuck in each week to bring home and practice. Your child can use the page the spellings are on to practice, this could be: Writing sentences that contain that word. Using the look, say, cover, write, check method, or just simply practicing writing the words. I hope that this will help with the issue of lost spelling sheets. They will need to bring it in each Wednesday to have their new spellings stuck in, ready to be tested the following week. 

Making model shadufs

Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4

Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 1
Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 2
Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 3
Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 4
Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 5
Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 6
Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 7
Egyptian Dance performed by Year 4 8

Autumn term 2 homework

This term we are learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. Your homework this term is to present in a style of your choice a project based around pyramids. This could be done using a literacy focus, by writing instructions about how to build one, or a descriptive or historical piece of writing. You could make a model out of a material of your choice. You could research and present information about what they were built for. The choice is yours, as long as you have tried your best and it is based on Pyramids! We love receiving the projects back into school, we all learn a lot from them.

Please could you bring in your projects by the 11th of December.

Well done to all of the Bumblebee Class for a super day out at Pride Park to meet our link school-Ladywood Primary. All of the children were very well behaved and as well as enjoying activities with the other school, we also had a tour of Pride Park Stadium where the heated seats in the dug out were a particular favourite! 

Welcome to Bumblebee Class


Bumblebee Class is taught by Mrs Baxter on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings and Miss Puttock on Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays.



PE will be taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Please see below for this years Long Term Planning.


Bumblebee Long Term Planning

Homework: Times table grid

How We Teach Reading


In Bumblebee class the children read a variety of selected texts in a guided group sessions with Mrs Baxter or Miss Puttock and individual readers are heard by an adult at various intervals throughout the term.


We expect the children to read at home every day, either with an adult or on their own and ask that their reading diary is signed by an adult to show that they have read.   The children are able to change their reading books whenever they have finished reading them.  

Ancient Egypt Topic web for Autumn 2.