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Autumn 2

Autumn 2


The Great Fire of London


This term, our topic is The Great Fire of London.


We will be learning all about the historical events and making geographical links to London today.  The children will also recognise that London is our capital city and it is the residence of our queen.


At the end of the topic, the children will use their model houses to re-create the scene of Pudding Lane from 1666.  They will then set fire to them and sing the song of London's Burning.


Picture to follow.....




We will be looking at traditional tales, letter writing, diary extracts and Poetry.  

1. The Elves and the Shoemaker

2. Letters to Santa

3. Fire Poetry



1. Reading and writing numbers to 30 in numerals and words

2. Counting objects and matching numbers to 30

3. Addition and subtraction of numbers to 30 extending to numbers up to 50

4. Number bonds to 20

5. Problem solving using pictorial representations and reasoning.

6. Naming and identifying features of 3D shapes.




1. How Christians celebrate Christmas and the importance of Jesus' birth



1. Light and Dark

2. Reflective Clothing

3. Nocturnal animals



1. Dance

2. Fundamental skills including jumping, movement, throwing and catching



1. The dates and events of the Great Fire of London

2. Recognising that London is our capital city and the residence of the queen.



1. Bonfire night pictures

2. Christmas decorations and activities



We use a fantastic music scheme called Charanga.  During our lessons we:

1. Listen to an appraise music

2. Identify sounds and instruments within a variety of pieces

3. Learn about pulse, rhythm, pitch, tone

4. Sing and learn new songs adding instruments and actions