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Autumn 1

Autumn 1

Walton Village


This term, our topic is Walton Village.


We will be looking around Walton village at the different types of houses and businesses.    We will look at the old school registers from the 1940's and use old photographs to identify the Old School House, the Post Office and other local shops which are now houses.



We will be looking at stories from familiar settings.  The stories will include:

1. The Bad Tempered Ladybird

2. Funnybones

3. Goal 



1. Reading and writing numbers to 10 in numerals and words

2. Counting objects and matching numbers to 10

3. Addition and subtraction of numbers to 10 extending to teen numbers

4. Number bonds to 10

5. Problem solving using pictorial representations and reasoning.

6. Naming and identifying features of 2D shapes.




1. Christian celebrations including baptism and marriage

2. Identify features of churches 

3. What it means to be a Christian



1. Using our senses

2. Naming body parts

3. Learning how to keep ourselves healthy

4. The human life stages



1. Dance

2. Fundamental skills including jumping, movement, throwing and catching



1.Taking Photographs 

2. Editing Photographs



1. Identifying where Walton is on a map

2. Looking at the differences between a world map and map of the UK

3. Recognise that London is our capital city

4. Identify which places make up the British Isles




1. Looking at the Work of Piet Mondrian

2. Creating artwork in the style of Piet Mondrian using pastels, paint, crayons and sticking shapes.



We use a fantastic music scheme called Charanga.  During our lessons we:

1. Listen to an appraise music

2. Identify sounds and instruments within a variety of pieces

3. Learn about pulse, rhythm, pitch, tone

4. Sing and learn new songs adding instruments and actions