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Arachnids Year 5 and 6

Kit list Lea Green 2018

Summer 2 homework

Summer 2 - The Circle of Life


This half term, our topic will be 'The Circle of Life'. We will be covering a range of areas, including:

Science - Life cycles and evolution

Computing - Programming and coding

RE - What kind of king is Jesus?

Art/DT - Art inspired by life cycles

PSHCEE - Health and wellbeing 

PE - Athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities and rounders



Summer 1 homework - book review


Many of the book reviews children completed were power points. There were many homework projects completed to a high standard this term with children having an excellent understanding of what they had read. Instead of uploading pictures, this term I will share with you a list of the books which were reviewed:


A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale

The Person Controller

The Light Jar

Lost In A Book

Fantastic Mr Fox

Tom Gates: Everything Is Amazing - Sort Of

The Legend of Podkin One-ear

Goodnight Mr Tom

Peter Pan and Wendy

Iron Man

Northern Lights

The Hunger Games

1,000 Year Old Boy

Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend 

The Explorer

The World's Worst Children

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Spelling Bee list for Years 5 and 6

Year 6 had great fun celebrating all their hard work this year in the park

Y5 have been finding angles outside and challenging each other to work out the missing angles

Still image for this video

Y5 have been finding angles outside and challenging each other to work out the missing angles

The Piano

Still image for this video
Arachnids have created some outstanding short stories including flashbacks based on this short film.

Outstanding writing - Flashbacks


For the past couple of weeks Arachnids have been writing short stories including flashbacks based on the short film 'The Piano'. Here are some outstanding sentences the children have written:


Kannedi – Did I kill my friend? Did I do this? Did I become responsible?

Liam – The rhythm of the music helped my memories come back.

Josh – I feel a lighter tune developing luring me into the black and white prison of my memories

Nathaniel –It was my army days; around forty years earlier when I was a medic

Ellie –As I sit here on this stool, I play my heart out to this holder of my precious memories

But my mistake. My small mistake. My stupid mistake.

Charlotte G – Memories begin to frolic around me as if they are taunting me.

Immy – I close my eyes and listen to the melodies pouring straight from my heart.

Carys – Now I feel like I am following a patch of darkness slowly making my way towards death.

Amelia – Here I sit in the hall of nightmares and dreams.

Alex -   She lifted her head up and gave me a kiss; it felt like winter’s breath on my cold cheeks.

Lottie – It is my Grandson; the light of my eternal darkness

Louie – I am sitting at my grand ornate piano (the holder of my heart breaking memories).

Was this my fault? The though harassed my mind.

Tilly – As my black shiny shoe lay down on the damp amber green grass, I stepped forward  into the crookedly spun trees.

Henry S – I was sitting at the holder of my memories

Sophie – I am sitting at the piano that holds all my lost memories; the monster of black and white. 

Murphy – Here I am sitting with my lonely heart, no one to laugh with. 

Jordan – Here I sit at the piano that holds my many exclusive memories.

Jay – I am a piano player with a piano that holds all my memories.

Sienna – As I start to play the piano, all my memories start to harass me.

Evie – As I played the piano, it was some magical music and then I started to remember…

Amber – I lay my head onto the piano; all that was in it was memories.

Charlotte B – Here I sit at the grand ornate piano; each key I press a new memory bursts to life.

Leo – I am sitting at the holder of my memories; the good and the bad.

Henry Y – I play a depressing rhythm which slows down to match my mood.

Zach – A cold tear is rolling down my face as I remember my deepest memory.

Freya – My mind is buzzing with haunting memories.

Jasper – My ancient wrinkly hands only just gripping the keys. My arthritis gently easing away as I pick up the tempo; I can feel something stirring in my mind.

Oliver – The sound of silence haunts me once again.

Elize – The elegant sound is opening a door in my mind: it is a locked door. A door of memories.

Gracie – My piano will always be important to me: it holds all my memories.

Archie – The piano keys are ice-cold on my fingers as I think about the past haunting me.

13.04.18 Y6 Homework continued


Maths p.46-47

Maths+ p.18, p.29-31, 48-49


20.04.18 Y6 Homework 


Homework for this week is to make sure that all pages in revision guides are now complete and all revision packs sent home over the Easter holidays should be complete and returned to school.


Summer 1 - Mayan Madness!


This half term, Arachnids will be learning about the Ancient Mayan Culture. Topics covered will include:


History - Ancient Mayan Culture

RE - Salvation: What does the resurrection mean to Christians?

Art/DT - Mayan inspired art

PE - Dance (Y5) rounders (Y6) and cricket (Y5 and 6)

Computing - Communication and collaboration

Science - Electricity (separate science week at the end of the term)


The first two Friday afternoons of the term will be Music and French (due to a short half term and snow days). The rest will be Forest Fridays. 

Amazing Architecture Y5 homework projects

All the spelling rules that are taught from Y1 to Y6

Y6 homework


Each Friday I will upload the pages of your revision guides that you should complete before the following Friday. The sections I list will be areas we have already covered. At the back of the revision guides are mark schemes so you can check how you have done. If there is an area you are finding particularly difficult, let me know.


The Ancient Greece homework project is optional for Y6s this half term.



Reading p.8-11

Reading+ p.8-11

SPAG p.8-11

SPAG+ p.8-11

Maths p.8-12

Maths+ p.8-12



Reading p.12-16

Reading+ p.12-17

SPAG p.12-17


Maths p.13-18

Maths+ p.13-17



Reading p.17-19

Reading+ p.18-21

SPAG p.18-23


Maths p.19-22 and p. 24-25

*Miss p.23 as we will be moving on to that soon and be aware that they demonstrate long division using a different method to the one we have used in class*

Maths+ p.20-21

*Miss p.18 and 19*



Reading p.20-23

Reading + p.22-25

SPAG p.24-28

SPAG+ p.24-27

*HINT - ways to find a noun phrase - you can replace the who phrase with a pronoun e.g. it, he, she, they*

Maths p.23, p.26, p.34

Maths+ p.22-23, p.56-58



Reading p.24-27

Reading+ p.26-29

SPAG p.29-33

SPAG+p. 28-29, 36-37

Maths p. 35-38

Maths+ p.54-55, 60



Reading p.28-31

Reading+ p.30-34

SPAG p.34-35, 42-45

SPAG+p. 38-43

Maths p.28-30, p.39

Maths+ p.24, p.26-27



Reading p.32-37

Reading+ p.35-41

SPAG p.46-49

SPAG+ p.44-47

Maths p.40-41




Reading p.38-43

Reading+ p.42-45

SPAG p.50-56

SPAG+ p.48-53

Maths p. 27, p.31-32, p.58

Maths+p.19, p.28, p.35



Reading p.44-49

Reading+ p.46-51

SPAG p.57-61

SPAG+ p.54-58

Maths p.33, p.43-44, p.59-60, p.64-65

Maths+ p.25, p.32-34, p.36 p40-41



Reading p.50-53 

Reading+p. 52-53

SPAG p.62-67

SPAG+ p.59-60

Maths p.42, p.52-53, p.66-68, 

Maths+p.37-39, p.52-53



Reading p.54-57

Reading + p.54-57

SPAG p.36-41

SPAG + p.30-35

Maths p.56-57, p.62

Maths + p.42-45

Check out what we have been learning about in Maths

Check out what we have been learning about in Maths 1
Check out what we have been learning about in Maths 2
Check out what we have been learning about in Maths 3
Check out what we have been learning about in Maths 4
Check out what we have been learning about in Maths 5

Lots of snow out of our classroom window this morning!

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World Book Day short film green screening - Mr Stink and the lost dog - Scene One

Still image for this video
Arachnids had a great World Book Day/ Snow Day! We created a short film based around all of our World Book Day characters AND had fun playing in the snow! The children managed to plan, rehearse and film the short film in just 2 hours! Great work!

Mr Stink and the lost dog - Scene Two

Still image for this video

Mr Stink and the lost dog - Scene Three

Still image for this video

Mr Stink and the lost dog - Scene Four

Still image for this video

Mr Stink and the lost dog - Scene Five

Still image for this video


Amazing Architecture 


This half term, we will be looking at:


History - famous architects

Geography - where did/do these famous architects come from?

RE - Salvation (What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?)

Art/DT - architectural designs

Computing - 3D modelling

PE - cricket and rounders

PSHCEE - Living in the wider world

PPA - French and Music

Spring 2 homework

BBC Radio 2 Short Stories Competition


For the past couple of week, we have been working hard planning, writing and editing our very own 500 word short stories to enter into the BBC Radio 2 Short Stories Competition. All the children have done brilliantly; here are some examples of their work:


The Light Chasers by Ellie 

I was lost. I was alone. I was frightened but I kept going. Further and further down the long, damp, dingy tunnel.  Lost and worried, frightened and anxious, I followed the light that was keeping me alive.  I started to jog which turned into a run as my light was growing distant. Down there, it was deathly silent; the only noise was my echoing footsteps sprinting across the stone floor. It felt like the walls were closing in; the air was slowly growing thinner. Rasping for breath I slowed, but not enough to let it catch me.  It will never catch me, for I know all the secrets of the evil lurking in the shadows.  I know that I have to follow the light guiding me to freedom.  I will carry on chasing the light and I will not let it beat me, for I am a light chaser.

I am not the only one. There are more of us.  All chasing the light; all hoping for freedom.

I found them on that fateful night when the darkness was trying really hard to catch me. At first I just thought it was growing restless, getting tired of being so close to catching me. I ran on and on and found myself in some sort of chamber. Lying there in the middle, was a lit torch.  I bolted to grab the torch but immediately jumped back.  My hand did not meet cold rubber but five pairs of cold, trembling hands.  Suddenly, a light flickered illuminating the room. I gasped. Five others stood around the torch, all stunned as we could not remember the last time we saw the light.  To my left was a girl with blonde hair. She wore a snow white dress; her blue eyes trained on me.  On my right, a boy with unruly hair wearing roller skates.  Opposite, a boy with glasses and a maroon hoodie reading, “Josh the Boss”. Next to him, a boy hugging a football as if it was a baby and finally two girls were huddled together.  One wore a midnight blue hoodie with silver trainers and the other wore a red fluffy jumper. Her chestnut brown hair was in pigtails and she had her nose nestled in a book.  The Josh the Boss boy cleared his throat,

“Hello everyone, I’m Josh and I’ve been running from the darkness for a long time.”

Each person introduced themselves and then it was my turn. I tried to avoid their gaze and found myself staring at a door at the back of the wall. 

“Hey give me that torch!” I exclaimed, excitement dancing in my eyes as I caught it. I pressed the button, and an automated voice spoke:

“Well done and thank you for your bravery. You have set me free and rid the land of darkness.  Your prize is freedom. Open the door and be free.” 

We had chased the light; we had beat the darkness. We stepped forward; we were free.



The diary of a shark by Josh


It was a sunny day; I remember it perfectly. We were in our cave, me and my wife and my son. All the thousands of stingrays, it was a massacre. They headed to our cave. I told my son and wife to hide, I told them I would hold them off. I thought I was unstoppable then I thought I could do anything. That is why I am here in a prison camp in a tiny reef.

Day 1

We are fed on stale dead, purposely small, neon-green sardines on a coral try for each meal. We each have a personal big, well fed, strong guard stingray. Plus, the forty scattered at the entrances. They had oil rooms. I shall never forget the shrill scream I heard there.

Day 7

I found out you can die in an enclosed room with other filthy, grimy and weak prisoners. They would give you no food.

Day 11

This the day I made a fatal mistake. I had seen lots of whippings but this one was the last straw. It was a child: he looked like my son about the same age he would be now. I lost my temper. I bit and killed the stingray doing the whipping. My blue skin turned green with envy. It seemed as I was sending out waves. Then all hell broke loose. The shark attacked. I did not know what the others were thinking but I wanted revenge. I fort for my separated family. Bitter, bitter resentment filled my veins. Although, after five minutes they had us under control. Surrounded, exhausted, wounded the remaining five of use surrendered. They locked us in a cell. They put thirty-five sardines through a hole each week. One for each of use every day assuring we all survived.

Day 12

Two people died today of their wounds.


Day 13

I do not know why it happened. I might just be unfortunate. I may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. But either way, I was still there when an earthquake happened. The tectonic plates moved. Most of the stingrays got out. None of the sharks did, we were trapped.


Day 14

We were weak and hungry probably only have on day left.


Day 15

The light’s fading, I hope I am not dying. I have got an hour left, the world’s fading, the light’s dimming.

Five minutes, I heard digging. One minute, they are almost here. Ten seconds, five seconds, four, three, two… I felt something down my throat, food! I then slept, I was exhausted.

I am awarded a Victoria Coral. I still am only thinking of my family. I find them weeping. I go up to them and shout surprise. They jump. I laugh at that. I saw my son, he has grown, his teeth are sharp daggers. Our son will become a father. We will become grandparents.



Adrien’s Log by Archie


It all started with the drill. The ancient base. The distress beacon transmitter. My name is Adrien and I was lucky to survive. One day, at the drill site (where my Dad works) my Dad had managed to drill to the earth’s core. While everybody was celebrating in the vast empty concrete room, the sensors picked up a structure attached to the earth’s crust. Something ancient. Then the drill site’s alarm started to scream out something in another language. The computer slightly translated it.


“ALARM @@@ TRIGGERED @@@ BACKUP @@@ SEARCH AND DESTROY!” that’s when it happened…


Today class we’ll be learning about atomic masses.” cheerfully exclaimed Miss Hoover as we sat in class. “Now I will show you a video explaining atomic mass and how they work.” Then the TV said,



And now here we are in a post-apocalyptic war. And being me, a scrawny little eleven year old boy who cannot lift his own weight, is not good. Now our job is to survive but when dad passed away from a disease it became herd. Mrs Hoover is feeling very sick and Jack – the pilot – does not feel great either. I think we are dying. The aliens brought air-borne diseases and now we are dying. I do not think we can cure it.


It is the next day and Miss Hoover has green circular blotches all over her face and skin. Thirty-two to be exact. The spots, blotches, coughing and itching are getting worse. Miss Hoover, who secretly has a crush on Jack, is dying and I cannot save her.


Today we are moving. We were living in a derelict toilet block which was not pleasant. Immediately above us was the alien hive ship. We are going to a prison to see what we can find. I am terrified because we might find criminals or aliens or worse. Quickly, we strode in. It was more pleasant than the toilets and could hold back an alien attack. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully…


I woke up this morning and found Miss Hoover dead! Engulfed in green blotches and foaming at the mouth. The first in the chain of deaths this vile disease has created. My skin is becoming itchy too and it’s getting harder and harder to write. Jack is nearly at the final stages of this disease and he will too soon die. Then I will be next.


My friends have passed and I am the only one left. But is it reassuring to know that when I die I will become part of this beautiful planet. This will be my final entry before the inevitable stages of the disease reach me. Goodbye…


Adrien Basher


Ancient Greece Homework

Spring 1 - Ancient Greece


This half term, we will be exploring:


History - Ancient Greece

Geography - Comparing ancient and modern Greece

Art/ DT -Greek pottery

Science - Animals including humans

RE - Salvation: What did Jesus do to save human beings?

PSHCEE - Living in the wider world

PE - Swimming (Y5), Dance (Y6) and Gymnastics (both)

Forest Schools


Arachnid Class baked some amazing chocolate Christmas Trees!

Our class Anti-bullying Charter

Our class Anti-bullying Charter 1

Autumn 2 - Leisure and entertainment through the ages



This half term, our topic will be 'Leisure and entertainment throughout the ages'. The areas we will focus on include:


History - leisure and entertainment in the 20th and 21st Centuries

RE - pilgrimages

PSHCEE - relationships

DT - baking

PE - Dance, swimming and basketball

French and Music (PPA)

Our amazing Y5/6 who won the Pingle School Quiz! Congratulations!

Our amazing Y5/6 who won the Pingle School Quiz! Congratulations!  1

Solar System Red Carpet

Still image for this video

Galileo interview

Still image for this video

The Space Race

Still image for this video

Moon Landing

Still image for this video

Space green screens coming soon...

Space green screens coming soon... 1


Still image for this video

Class photos

Class photos 1
Class photos 2
Class photos 3
Class photos 4

Autumn 1 Homework Project

Welcome to Arachnid Class!


We are a mixed age Years 5 and 6 class. Miss Lane is our teacher and Mrs Claxton is our TA. 


Welcome back smiley


Important information for parents and children:


· PE will take place on Tuesdays  and Wednesdays but please make sure that you always have your indoor and outdoor PE kits in school as these days may change due to other activities.


· You are expected to read at least 5 times a week. This could be with an adult or on your own. If you do read on your own, please make sure your parent still signs your reading record. This year, Arachnids have new reading records. Please make sure after each book you have read you write a summary of the book.


· Spelling tests will take place once a fortnight. In school, children will be learning spelling rules and words from the Year 5 and 6 word list. The spelling tests will reflect either rules we have been learning in class or words we have been practising from the word list.


· Homework will be half term projects which link to the topic we will be covering in lessons.



Autumn 1


Our first topic this year will be 'Earth and beyond'. Where possible, our learning will link with our topic. The areas we will cover this half term include:

  • Science - Earth, Space and Light
  • History - Moon landings
  • RE - Gospel: What would Jesus do?
  • Art - Art inspired by space
  • PE - Swimming (Y5 only) and invasion games
  • PSHCEE -Relationships


We were lucky enough to have a visit from a GB hockey player!

Arachnids love the new gym equipment!

The FREEZE game

Still image for this video

Hollie's Extreme Earth Project

Still image for this video

Charlotte's Homework Project

Still image for this video


This half term we will be learning about:


  • Geography - Human and physical features
  • Science - Living things and their habitats
  • RE - Was Jesus the Messiah?
  • Computing - Data handling and multimedia
  • PE - Outwitting opponents
  • PSHCEE - Self-esteem
  • Forest Fridays 

The Piano by Aiden Gibbons

Still image for this video

The children have written some excellent stories, including flashbacks, based on the short film 'The Piano' which has no words. The emotive language they have used is incredible!


The Piano


Slowly, the old man laid his old hands on the beast of black and white. Gliding angelically, he pressed the keys gently; something was stirring in his mind. His body lent into the piano following a certain rhythm. The ring – which was on his unstable hands – glistened as he swiftly played, a brighter tune developed: something had lightened his mind…


It was nine years ago. A shadowed figure sat with him, it was his wife. The familiar sound of hope made the man look up. Her sad, unfamiliar eyes looked upon the sad man. She hesitantly started to move towards him. An ice-cold stone kiss was laid upon his cheek. She started to disappear, but never wanted to. The man’s eyes looked up and smiled faintly.


The sound of gunshot and blood-spill created an uneasy silence. It was sixty-five years ago (when it all happened) and the man’s attention was caught. He sprinted for his life, head filled with doubts. He slammed his shoulder against the only shelter he had, a fallen-down wall. Longingly, he fell to his knees, wishing that he was at home with his dearest family. The old man looked down to his watch; he had to do it. His tired eyes glimpsed his brother. Should he? Yes! “Michael, now ya safe to go!”

The soldier looked at him, right in the eyes, almost saying goodbye but there was no need for speech. He nodded back with a scared look: there was no going back now.


The brother darted around the corner, ready to pull the trigger. He was too late. A bullet hit him in the chest. The man rushed to him, laying him on his knees. The hand of the soldiers was clutched by the man. Once again, they looked each other in the eyes. Thoughts buzzed around his head. “Did I do this; did I kill my brother; was it my fault?”

The soldier took his last look of the world as his head fell back - lifeless. He was too guilty to look at the world as the soldiers’ head rocked backwards. In his arms lay a dead body, he looked to the sky for a sign of hope…


His playing slowed and his mind was lost in nightmares and dreams. The keys obeyed every note. He suddenly remembered. A child played in front of him; yet it was him. His father walked towards him and gave him a large blue box, decorated with pearl-white ribbons. He opened it, rejoicing, as he found a hobby horse inside. Grabbing it carefully, he jumped on to it and ran. The music changed as he galloped. He went behind the piano: his shoes had changed. Out came a much more modern boy who was playing with his toy. It was his grandson. He sprinted towards his grandfather and sat next to him. As the old man played the last chord, the boy played with him. Finally, the man’s face smiled with joy!


Written by Ana


The Piano


The ancient man started playing the pitch-black piano so sadly and elegantly that it almost makes you cry. His fingers brushed so slowly on the keys that it makes his finger look like they’re not touching the piano. His ring glimmered in the one light shining above him. His eyes gradually moved from side to side. His eyes were wide open but a small wrinkle made him look like he wanted to cry. An image of his wife appeared next to him. Then she kissed him: her smooth and cold lips passed through his cheeks like a reflection in the air.


Then a medical helmet from the war appeared on his head. He was thinking about his life before now. The medic sprinted for safety. He clutched his back against his hand against the cold, dark wall. He couldn’t hear anything but the sound of death and gun shots. Families behind him ran – to get safe – to get help. Guns were being fired; they wanted to kill everyone. Planes raced rapidly through the sky, bombs blew up everywhere around him. It was a horrible sight. Dead bodies covered the floor making it almost impossible to walk past them. The scream was heard by the medic as he looked behind him. He looked behind him and saw a dead soldier. He looked to the side: he saw a soldier a few feet away. He got his gun ready. “AHHH!” a solider got shot behind him but he was too late to help. The soldier next to him walked to see if he could go out of safety to shoot. The medic nodded back. The soldier slowly leaped out of safety but before he could shoot he got shot. The bullet pulled right through his stomach. The medic ran towards him. He picked him up and held his hand and then he passed away. He should have helped.


It was now 70 years ago. He was a little boy. He excitedly opened a present his mum gave him. It was a fake wooden horse. He started galloping around like a crazy monkey. Then his clothes changed to modern day clothes. He changed to the man’s grandson.  He put his horse to the piano. Then the boy played the last note and then they both shared a big smile together.


Written by James


The Piano


The old man gently moves his finger across the piano. The old man’s face was like a broken heart. The man was playing high on the piano, a song like a man who was upset. Suddenly, there was someone who started playing, but then there was like an elegant kiss that touches the old mans’ cheeks. Then the old man started to smile, it was like pure love but the woman disappeared.


It was 5 years ago. The soldier sprinted towards the wall (which was cold and white). Looking at his watch, the soldier turned and looked at the other soldier. The old man nodded at the other soldier, it was like the man knew it was clear. The soldier swiftly turned around the rough edge of the wall. All you could hear is the sound of a gunshot and a man who is an upset soul being killed, and a father of a family, was shot. Two seconds later, the soldier was lying in the old man’s arms. He took a single breath, and then he was gone. The old man looked up and imagined what it would be like if he was the other soldier. The old man said,

 “If it was not for me; if I had looked first; if I took care of him, a life would not been taken.”

The gunshot; the signals the old man gave him, and watched him. The piano was all he had, he was alone since then. If the old man has saved his life, if the soldier was alive, the old man would not be alone. The old man did not do anything of that so he is alone, all he has is his family. The old man was guilty because he did not try to help him. The old man felt guilty. The old man was upset…


Next, the old man was a boy, but then the boy gets a toy; a toy wooden horse. So he gallops and gallops all the time, but then he turns into the old mans’ grandson. So he jumps onto the stool the old man is sitting on, and then they play the piano together.  The little boy presses one key and it goes bing because he is happy. The man was an ancient old man. The piano was played by the happy old man. There is happiness in him still.


Written by Sophie H

Poem of the Pancakes


Written by Ana


Us pancakes are strange creatures,

We only lack in food features,

You can top us with something sweet,

But nobody can out-do us when it comes to something to eat!


We can be folded, rolled or be eaten flat,

We're the favourite food for a rat,

Some people know it as Shrove Tuesday,

But like us - it's Pancake Day!

Image result for peak district


This half term, we will be having 'A Peek at the Peak District'!


Our topics will be:

  • The Peak District and The Great Plague of 1665 (History)
  • Human and physical features of the Peak District (Geography)
  • How can following God bring peace and justice? (RE)
  • Living in the wider world (PSHCEE)
  • Striking and fielding games (PE)
  • French
  • Music

A Peek at the Peak District Homework

Vicious Vikings homework

Healthy hearts and minds week

Our new topic this half term is:


This half term our topics will be:

  • Vikings Vs Anglo Saxons (history)
  • Scandinavia (geography)
  • Creation and science: conflicting or complementary (RE)
  • Living in the wider word (PSHCEE)
  • Gym (PE)
  • Forest Schools (Forest Friday)​​​​​​


Our first week back will focus on healthy hearts and minds, we will be uploading a special video from this week to our class page, stay tuned!

Homework projects - Anne Frank, landscape art and science experiments

Class Anti-bullying Charter agreed by the whole class

Class Anti-bullying Charter agreed by the whole class 1

What is art? homework project

What is Art?

This half term, Arachnid's topic will be 'What is Art?'. Arachnids will be focusing on landscape art and will research and learn about a range of different artists, different techniques they use and how to compare works of art.



As well as learning about landscape art, Arachnids will also be learning about the following areas:


  • Science – Properties and changes of materials
  • RE – How do people express their faith through the arts?
  • PE – Dance and swimming
  • PSHCEE – Relationships
  • Computing – Digital Imagery
  • Music – Classic rock (Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer)
  • MFL - French

Outstanding Anglo-Saxon homework projects

Arachnids would like to say a HUGE thank you to parents for your support with the homework projects. The quality is outstanding, all the children are immensely proud and enjoyed sharing their projects with the rest of the class and lots of teachers!

Arachnid's Showcase Performance - Anglo-Saxons

Still image for this video
For our Showcase Performance, Arachnid's wrote and performed their own Anglo-Saxon play scripts based upon Horrible Histories.


Still image for this video

5. Boast

Still image for this video

3. Historical

Still image for this video

6. Health

Still image for this video

Roald Dahl Day September 13th 2016

Roald Dahl Day September 13th 2016 1 Mid way through saying snozzcumber
Roald Dahl Day September 13th 2016 2 Silly snozzcumber!

Welcome to Arachnid class!


We are a mixed Years 5 and 6 class and our teachers are Miss Lane and Miss Harris. Our topic this term is Anglo-Saxons. We will be learning about invasions, settlements, kingdoms, lifestyle and lots lots more!



As well as learning about Anglo-Saxons, Arachnids will also be learning about the following areas:

  • Geography – Land uses
  • RE – How and why believers show their commitment during the journey of life
  • PE – Invasion games and swimming
  • PSHCE – Relationships
  • Computing – Digital Exploration
  • Music – Classic rock (Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer)
  • Art/ DT - Saxon structures and weapons


PE: This term, PE sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child has a complete indoor kit (shorts and t-shirt) and outside kit (tracksuit, t-shirt and trainers). 


Reading: Please ensure your child reads 3 times a week and record this in your child’s monkey book. This can be with an adult or independently. Monkey books will be checked on Mondays and any children who have not read 3 times will have to attend a reading club.


Spelling: Each week at school children will be learning or revising a spelling rule. At the end of the week, the children will be tested on the spelling rule AND 5 spellings from the ‘Years 5 and 6 spelling list’ which has been send home. Please help your child practise their spellings.


Homework: Homework this half term will be a project; information will be sent home this week.


Please don’t hesitate to speak to me if you have any questions or concerns frown

Arachnids 2016 2017 Topic Plan

End of Year Expectations


Reading - key objectives (Years 5 and 6)

In school, reading is taught through a range of different activities. Children will read and discuss texts as a class, in small groups, in pairs as well as individually with adults.

Pupils should: 

  •  read and discuss a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction text
  •  recommend books they have read to their peers
  • discuss themes in writing
  • read and perform poetry by heart
  • ask questions to improve their understanding
  • draw inferences such as inferring characters' thoughts and feeling
  • predict what might happen next
  • summarise main ideas from paragraphs
  • identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning
  • discuss and evaluate how authors use language
  • distinguish between fact and opinion
  • retrieve, record and present information
  • participate in discussions about books they have read
  • explain and discuss their understanding of what they have read
  • provide reasoned justifications for their views


Writing - key objectives (Years 5 and 6)

Pupils should:

  • plan their writing considering audience, purpose and form
  • draft and write by selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary
  • describe settings, characters and atmospheres
  • build cohesion within and across paragraphs
  • use organisational devises to structure and guide the reader
  • evaluate and edit by assessing the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing
  • develop their understanding of: subjunctive form, passive verbs, perfect form of verbs, expanded noun phrases, modal verbs and adverbs, relative clauses, brackets, dashes, commas, colons, semi-colons and hyphens


Maths - key objectives Year 5

Pupils should:

  • interpret negative numbers in context
  • read Roman numerals to 1000, including years
  • recognise and use square and cube numbers, and know the notation
  • use rounding to check answers and determine accuracy
  • identify multiples and factors, including finding factor pairs and common factors
  • use vocabulary: prime numbers, prime factors and composite numbers
  • multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 or 1000, including decimals
  • use long multiplication for multiplying numbers of up to 4 digits by one or two digits
  • divide numbers using standard written short division
  • convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions
  • compare and order fractions whose denominators are multiples of the same number
  • identify, name and write equivalent fractions including tenths and hundredths
  • add and subtract fractions with denominators that are multiples of the same number
  • multiply proper fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers with support
  • read and write decimal numbers as fractions
  • round decimals with 2 decimals places to whole number or to one decimal place
  • read, write, order and compare numbers with up to 3 decimal places
  • recognise % symbol and explain as a fraction with denominator 100 (parts out of 100)
  • understand and use common approximate conversions between metric and imperial
  • measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes
  • calculate the area of rectangles, and estimate the area of irregular shapes
  • use the properties of rectangles to find missing lengths and angles
  • distinguish between regular and irregular polygons
  • identify 3-d shapes from 2-d representations
  • know angles are measured in degrees and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles
  • draw and measure angles to the nearest degree
  • identify angles at a point, in a turn and on a straight line
  • describe and represent the result of a reflection or translation
  • complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables


Maths - key objectives Year 6

Pupils should:

  • use negative numbers to calculate intervals across zero
  • divide numbers using long division, interpreting the remainders as appropriate
  • use order of operations to carry out calculations
  • use common factors to simplify fractions
  • compare and order fractions of any size
  • add and subtract fractions with different denominators and mixed numbers
  • multiply simple pairs of proper fractions
  • divide proper fractions by whole numbers
  • calculate decimal fraction equivalents for simple fractions
  • multiply a number with up to two decimal places by whole numbers
  • use written division with answers of up to two decimal places
  • solve problems involving the calculation of percentages
  • recall and use equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages
  • solve problems using ratio using multiplication and division facts
  • solve problems involving similar shapes where the scale factor is known
  • solve problems involving proportion, using knowledge of fractions and multiples
  • use simple formulae
  • generate and describe linear number sequences
  • express missing number problems algebraically
  • convert units of measure between smaller and larger units
  • convert between miles and kilometres
  • calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles
  • calculate and compare volume of cubes and cuboids
  • illustrate and name parts of a circle
  • finding missing angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and regular polygons
  • recognise vertically opposite angles and find missing angles
  • describe positions on the full co-ordinate grid
  • translate shapes on a co-ordinate grid and reflect in the axes
  • construct and interpret pie charts
  • calculate the mean as an average


KS1 and KS2 Spelling Rules - see p.18 - 22 for Years 5 and 6

Everything you see below took place in the academic year 2015 - 2016! 

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